Payment & Billing

Ways to Pay

Forms of Payment

Payment Plans

Members who are interested in signing up for Budget Billing, please call Panola-Harrison Electric Cooperative (PHEC) at (903) 935-7936 for more details.

Budget Billing

Members are billed the same amount from January to December. In December, the budget amount is recalculated considering the debit or credit balance on the Members account and the past 12 months of actual usage.

Bill Payment

All bills are payable upon receipt. Failure to receive a bill is not cause to waive any charges or prevent disconnection. Members who carry a balance forward are subject to disconnection without further notice.

If payment is not received by PHEC on or before the due date listed on your bill:

  • A late penalty of 5% will be assessed
  • A delinquent notice will be sent
  • If payment is not received by the date on the delinquent notice, a disconnection trip will be made.

If electric service is disconnected, all delinquent bills, collection/reconnection fees, and required security deposit must be paid in full before electric service is reconnected.