New Member Bill Example

Download the Member Bill Example (PDF).

Account Number

Please verify this number as your account number may have changed recently.

New Message Center

For monthly updates on Coop events and other important notices.


If a Member is set up on Automatic Bank Draft a note will be listed here that states “Draft Schedule (date of draft)”.

Usage Graph

Shows 13 months of kWh usage history for monthly and yearly usage comparisons.

Previous Meter Reading

The last billed meter reading prior to the most current meter reading. This reading was taken on the first date of the service period.

Current Meter Reading

The reading that was most recently taken from the meter. This reading was taken on the last date of the service period.

Current Month’s Kilowatt Hour (kWh) Usage

This number is used to compute the Member’s monthly energy bill.

PCRF (Power Cost Recovery Factor)

See back of bill for detailed description of this charge.

Power Charge = PCRF times kWh usage

Energy Charge = Energy Rate times kWh usage

(If a customer has an unmetered Security Light, normally 70 kWhs will be added to the energy charge formula).

Additional Information

What is PCRF?

The PCRF is the formula used to adjust your electric bill to reflect increases or decreases in the cost of electricity that PHEC purchases from its wholesale power supplier for distribution to its members. The amount is calculated by multiplying the “kWh Usage” by the PCRF factor which is listed on the front page of this bill. Panola-Harrison Electric Cooperative (PHEC) does not markup the PCRF or make a profit on this charge; this is a direct pass through to the member.

What is the Customer Charge?

The Customer Charge assists in recovering a portion of the fixed costs associated with the delivery of electric service to each meter location. These costs are incurred by the Cooperative regardless of the amount of energy that is consumed at each meter location.

Safe Access

Providing safe access to the Cooperative’s meter and equipment is the responsibility of the member. PHEC employees must have safe access to this equipment at all times. Any special trip that is necessary due to a lack of safe access to PHEC equipment will incur a service charge and safe access to the location must be accomplished.

Please do not remove PHEC locks, and keep the cooperative informed of current gate codes that might otherwise limit access to PHEC equipment.